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Leroy Frazer

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Leroy Frazer

Leroy Frazer is a retired career prosecutor who serves as a senior consultant and faculty member at Vera Causa Group. With 38 years as a prosecutor in Manhattan and Brooklyn, N.Y. Leroy began his career as a line Assistant District Attorney and worked his way to the highest executive levels of prosecution leadership serving in the rolls of Bureau Chief, Executive Assistant District Attorney for External Affairs, Chief of Staff, and First Assistant District Attorney, managing thousands of employees through the years.  


Leroy served alongside both Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau and Cyrus Vance. After serving on the transition team of newly elected Brooklyn (Kings County) District Attorney, the Honorable Kenneth P. Thompson, Leroy was appointed as Chief of Staff, effectively ending his tenure with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.  He remained as Chief of Staff in Kings County under Thompson and then under District Attorney Eric Gonzalez until Frazer’s retirement in 2018.


Highlights of Leroy’s career included: the prosecution of fraudulent activity in the aftermath of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center; the prosecution of thefts involved in the United Nations Oil-For-Food Program with the Iraqi government (which lead to the collection of over 50M in fines and restitution); creation and establishment of the first Immigrant Affairs Bureau, which provided an avenue through which immigrants could report criminal activity and/or participate with criminal prosecutions without fear of personal repercussions.


He worked closely with District Attorney Thompson in selecting individuals to staff the key executive positions in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office; a critical first step undertaken in re-organizing the office to fulfill the mandates of Mr. Thompson.  Thereafter, he initiated a number of innovated projects, which included a revamped Legal Training Unit and a Legal Hiring Board – which successfully competed for the most talented law students throughout the east coast.  Leroy also assisted in the conception and implementation of ground-breaking reform initiatives, such as the Kings County District Attorney’s benchmark Conviction Review Unit; the much replicated policy of not prosecuting low level marijuana offenses; and, most significantly, the establishment of Brooklyn’s Youth Justice Court, i.e., New York State’s first court which funneled defendants – ages 16 to 24 – to one courtroom where young adults are provided with social services and other alternatives to incarceration.


Leroy was presented the Thomas E. Dewey Award  by the New York City Bar Association. He also served as a Legislative Secretary for the District Attorneys Association of New York State and Coordinator of the New York State Law Enforcement Council.


Along with his work at Vera Causa Group, Leroy is President and CEO of Leroy Frazer, Jr. Consulting Inc., that he founded in 2019 to advise public and private entities in areas of public safety reform and strategic initiatives. His work has consisted of providing technical assistance to prosecutors’ offices around the country and lecturing on topical criminal justice issues. He also provides advice and counsel to Westchester County Executive George Latimer on issues involving corrections, probation and public safety. 


Leroy received his B.A. from Talladega College, Talladega Alabama, and his J.D. from Temple University Law School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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