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Fast-Track Training
for First Term Elected/Appointed Prosecutors

​We love working with newly elected/appointed prosecutors. Over the years we’ve developed our specialized “Fast-Track” training that can help new prosecution leaders avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their agendas. 


You’ve got great ideas that you want to fast track but are unsure where to focus first.

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We Can Help You

  • Avoid the top ten things newly elected/appointed prosecutors do to get in their own way

  • Successfully transition from defense attorney to lead prosecutor without losing most of your team

  • Establish a high achieving organizational culture that will propel your vision forward;

  • Learn the secret to employee job satisfaction (spoiler alert – it’s not money)

  • Brainstorm strategies to bust through the COVID backlog with leaders who have done it

  • Transform your relationship with the media – and with your community

  • Navigate ethical pitfalls in your first term, and more

  • Secure more funding from local decision makers

  • Take out the backlog cases re: covid.

  • Engage your team and improve morale

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