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Shannon Ryan 

Shannon Ryan

Across her 10-year career, Shannon Ryan has developed an expertise in executive and strategic advisory, leveraging her creating problem-solving skills to ideate, structure, and implement large-scale strategic, operational, and human capital initiatives critical to achieving organizational priorities. She specializes in her passion areas which include transformation management, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B), organizational strategy, operational excellence, technology transformation strategy and implementation, strategic planning, and executive advisory. 


Ms. Ryan began her career at Wells Fargo, where she was an investor and credit research analyst for the bank’s $100B proprietary portfolio. She then spent two years at a start-up fintech company focusing on equity research, client advisory, and business development, devising strategies for business growth and developing novel thematic equity strategies and portfolios. Ms. Ryan then returned to Wells Fargo where she was tapped to build a new team of COOs, serving as COO for the bank’s $100B proprietary portfolio where she led operational and organizational strategies impacting long-range business planning, human capital, and opportunity analysis. She was also responsible for leading large cross-functional teams for bank-wide strategic initiatives and directing operational and human capital strategies to enable expense reductions, enhanced operating efficiency, and respond to changing business and regulatory environments. As a part of this work, Ms. Ryan also devised strategies and implementation for the portfolio’s two largest organizational restructurings to-date.


Shannon then brought these skills to Oaktree Capital, where she served as Chief of Staff and Head of Product Operations, where she led key human capital, operational, and technology modernization initiatives. She also held roles driving corporate culture and DEI&B initiatives. 


After a six-month sabbatical, Shannon joined Vera Causa Group as a faculty member and operations consultant, leading projects to transform organizational processes and technology to enable the business to scale and access a larger client base.


Additionally, Shannon is building her own consulting practice focusing on leveraging her Millennial generation perspective to provide differentiated approaches and solutions to driving transformational change and organizational evolution, focusing on managing a multi-generational workforce and catering to the spectrum of motivations, values, and diverse perspectives and backgrounds across our society.


Ms. Ryan graduated cum laude from Tulane University’s Business School with a Finance degree and is currently continuing her education in Industrial and Organizational Psychology at Harvard’s Extension School. She lives in Los Angeles, California by the beach with her dog, Olive, and enjoys live music, playing tennis, surfing, and soaking up the diverse culture and food available across the LA area. 

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