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Jennifer Joyce

Jennifer M. Joyce was the Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis for 16 years, from 2001 to 2017, where she managed a team of over 150 professionals prosecuting criminal cases in a high crime urban environment. As a former Missouri Prosecutor of the Year, she was known for being among the first in the nation to develop and adopt innovative practices such as alternative sentencing programs, data transparency, conviction review, social media utilization, and effective community partnerships. 


As Circuit Attorney, Jennifer became one of the first prosecutors in the nation to proactively dedicate internal resources to conviction integrity in 2002. In her desire to bring a new level of transparency to the criminal justice system, Jennifer established a ground-breaking website in 2003 that served as a window into her office. She also was one of the first prosecutors in the country to utilize social media as a way to interface with and educate the public. Jennifer also established the Neighborhood Justice Project in her first term, which would later become the Community Affairs Bureau for the Circuit Attorney’s Office in an effort to bring the office into the neighborhoods to engage with the citizens directly.


Along with Susan Ryan, she founded Vera Causa Group in 2016 after deciding not to seek re-election for a fifth term. Working as a consultant since 2017, Jennifer helps clients across the country overcome their communication, training, organizational, and management challenges. Jennifer is also a sought-after speaker at conferences nationwide, where she shares valuable insights gained from her 16 years as Circuit Attorney, particularly in the areas of crisis communication, community outreach, system transparency, and staff development.  She has lectured and keynoted for the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, the National District Attorneys’ Association, the National Association of Prosecution Coordinators, and dozens of state prosecutor associations nationwide.


Jennifer earned her law degree from St. Louis University. She began practicing law in a private firm, prior to joining the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office in 1994. Jennifer has experience prosecuting all levels of criminal cases, from misdemeanors to homicides.  


Jennifer and her husband spend half their time enjoying their empty nest in Saint Charles, Missouri, and the other half as digital nomads, traveling the country in their motorhome with their dog Ellie.

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