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Organizational Excellence
Human Resources, Organizational Assessments, Performance Management System Design

Consulting and Training

The Fundamentals: Mission Statement, Values and Goals. 

Effectively managing the human capital in your organization is one of the most important roles any leader faces. For an organization to achieve top performance and alignment with a leader’s vision, we believe there needs to be a stated, Mission, Values and Goals for people to follow. VCG works with leaders to help formulate the Mission, Values and Goals for your office. 


Maintaining strong morale and engagement is a critical component of effective leadership but is particularly challenging right now for prosecutors. The havoc of the pandemic and the intense public scrutiny of criminal justice system are creating headwinds for leadership. Some offices are facing serious organizational turnover, it is especially urgent that they take measures to keep their teams positive and motivated.


Vera Causa Group helps leaders improve the way their office operates and helps establish a culture of high performance, job satisfaction and integrity. We focus on processes, performance management and systems to ensure leaders have the tools they need to manage results.


  • Mission – Vision, Values and Goals

  • Performance Management

  • Change Management

  • Diversity Planning and Review

  • Policy and Practice Review

  • Human Resources Consulting

  • Problem Solving

Business Meeting

Performance Management System Review and Development

It’s a fact of life: what gets measured gets done. Successful organizations have systems that set clear expectations objectives and measure performance. A good performance management system creates long-term success by aligning employees with organizational values, maximizing the potential of individuals and teams and reducing unwanted turnover.


Vera Causa Group develops custom performance management systems that allow leaders to set clear expectations, discuss professional development needs and career aspirations, provide feedback and manage people’s performance.

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