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External Communications
Media Relations, Crisis Communications, Social Media, Website Development, PIO Training and Support


Do you have a case that has created unexpected or unwanted media attention? An officer-involved shooting? Protestors? Are you a new leader interested in developing relationships with the media? Or do you have a person or an organization who is trying to attack the credibility of your office? Vera Causa Group can help you.


Vera Causa Group works with organizations of all sizes to ensure they have the tools and strategies they need to manage critical incidents whenever they occur. We help leaders strengthen their relationships with employees, the media and the community. Vera Causa Group works to build capacity in organizations so leaders are prepared to handle anything that comes their way. We do this in two ways. First we work with clients to establish a strong foundation and clear messaging to withstand future attacks. Second, through our crisis communication response, we provide 24/7 attention to media matters that directly put your mission at risk.


  • High-profile case media management

  • Media relations, strategy and implementation

  • Crisis Communication

  • Media Training

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Newly Elected First 100 Days Media Plan

  • Community/Constituent Engagement Strategies

  • Interpersonal Communication Training

  • Website Development

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Training Programs

It’s hard to know when a legal matter is going to blow up and create chaos in a community. In 2014 a town of about 20,000 people in Missouri had an officer-involved shooting that launched protests around the world that continue to this day. These days, anything can create a critical incident for a prosecutor’s office, and it’s hard to know what to do or where to turn. Vera Causa Group has training programs for state prosecution organizations as well as training for individual offices in the areas of crisis management, officer involved shooting, preparing for a high-profile case and using social media. Contact us for course information.

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