To be a leader today demands courage, agility and serious grit. It’s indisputable that none of us has ever faced the extraordinary challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on business, government and life in general. Leadership performance over the next year could become a defining moment in how our country will be viewed by history. 


Vera Causa Group offers a variety of valuable services customized to the specific needs of each client. Our innovative, proven solutions are derived from our unique experience in the areas of communications, leadership, and human resources. 

We work with organizations to create a culture of performance and integrity while building internal capacity among leaders to prepare them to handle the best and the worst of times. We offer innovative solutions to government agencies, not-for-profits and commercial businesses that address the issues most prevalent in this era of heightened social awareness. 

At Vera Causa Group, we believe the best leaders are the ones people follow because they want to, not because they have to.  Ronald Reagan once said “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things." 


Human Resources/Organizational Efficiency

Strategic Communications

The work that we do at Vera Causa Group is focused on building capacity in organizations so that leaders are equipped to manage the important work they do for your clients.  We will work to provide meaningful skills to help leaders


Improve problem solving                           Build consensus                                 Leverage differences     
Transform dialogue to action                   Build better team rapport              Improve job satisfaction      
Improve accountability                               Minimize stereotyping                    Reduce conflict 

Internal, External and Crisis Communications 


Vera Causa Group works with organizations of all sizes to ensure they have the tools and strategies they need to manage critical incidents whenever that moment may occur.  Do you have a high-profile criminal case that has attracted significant local or national attention? Maybe you have an
officer-involved shooting that has created local unrest and uncertainty?

Or do you have someone or an organization who is trying to attack the
credibility of the office? Vera Causa Group can help you.

We help leaders strengthen their relationships with employees,
the media and the community. Vera Causa Group works to build
capacity in organizations and offices so leaders are prepared to
handle anything that comes their way. 

  • Communication Strategies

  • Media relations, strategy and implementation

  • Media Training 

  • Crisis Communication

  • Social Media Consulting

  • Newly Elected Transition Management 

  • Community/Constituent Engagement Strategies

  • Interpersonal Communication Training

  • Political/Campaign Consulting

  • Branding/Identity 

  • Website Development

  • Speech writing



I'm Newly Elected, Now What? 

At Vera Causa Group, we’ve seen many newly elected prosecutors over the years. They come into office fresh off of a successful election and are eager to execute their vision for the office.  Some are successful in navigating the transition, but many fail to get the traction they need to accomplish their goals.  In this module, we share our secrets for success as a newly-elected prosecutor.  We will discuss how to create a culture of unity, avoid negativity and move the office in the direction of your choosing.  We will also identify hidden pitfalls and traps that can completely stall a newly-elected prosecutor’s momentum.


Leadership in Times of Crisis 

In today’s world, modern prosecutors are facing unprecedented challenges and visibility.  We have to get it right, especially when the world is watching.  This module will help leaders prepare for and successfully handle the various types of crises that may come their way without warning.  Attendees will be equipped to skillfully manage operations and communications during events such as officer-involved shootings, pandemics, high-profile cases and “self-inflicted wounds” (internal office issues that become external media matters).  We will help you be the leader that your office and the community need in times of crisis.


Office Culture – A Conviction Integrity Tool 

A good office culture is one of the most powerful tools any leader has.  Every office has a culture – but is yours designed to promote excellence and conviction integrity?  In this module we will teach how to intentionally design a culture of top performance from the ground up, and how to make sure your improved office culture lasts over the years to come.


Leadership for the Modern Prosecutor 

As the Dylan song says, “the times they are a changing.” The job of the prosecutor is harder than ever in current times.  In addition to legal knowledge, today’s prosecution executives must have top-notch leadership skills.  In this module, we will discuss ten principles of leadership for the modern prosecutor.  Attendees will learn how to be a more credible, resilient and respected leader both in and outside the office.

Race in America: What it Means for America’s Prosecutors 

The issue of racism in America and, particularly, in the criminal justice system, has a long and painful history. Right now, prosecutors are under siege and often the targets of attacks and misinformation. It can be difficult to understand what role prosecutors play in this important time in America’s history, and what are the right things to do and say without landing in a hot spot. This course offers some ideas on how prosecutors can take a leadership role on diversity issues in their communities. 

The Anti-Racist Prosecutor: The Obligation to Act 

Talking about racial issues can be a lightning rod for most of us, but we can’t make progress without meaningful conversation. This course will address the myths and mindsets of racism in America and in the criminal justice system. Our goal is that attendees leave with the mindset of an “anti-racist prosecutor,” knowing that it is not enough that we recognize systemic racism in America ---as ministers of justice we must do our best to dismantle it and mitigate its effects.


Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias occurs in a number of ways based upon race, religion, gender, age, physical attributes, ethnicity, language, economic background, etc. The training provided by Vera Causa Group focuses on a variety of these biases and links them to the working environment in your prosecutor’s office and within the criminal justice system. In addition, we will provide concrete tools for reducing the impact of implicit bias in the decision making. 


Making Real Progress:  A Prosecutor’s Guide to Short and Long-term Strategies for Fighting Bias in the Workplace 

Prosecutors are in a unique position to take action and demonstrate real leadership to create meaningful change in our justice system. Vera Causa Group will provide impactful inclusion and diversity strategies for prosecutors to implement on a local basis and encourage brainstorming among participants on how to make these strategies work in their organizations. 

Investigations, Assessments and Measurements


Vera Causa Group conducts organizational assessments and investigations that enable leaders to learn more about the opportunities and challenges your organization faces in achieving top performance and alignment. Vera Causa Group is uniquely qualified to conduct these assessments in an urgent, reliable, objective and efficient manner. VCG has more than 20 years of experience in human resources and more than 40 years of experience in law enforcement. Our company conducts internal audits/investigations on a regular basis for law enforcement agencies across the country to help uncover problems and determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles.   

  • Investigations

  • Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Surveys 

  • Benchmarking 


Human Resources/Organizational Excellence 


Effectively managing the human capital in your organization is one of the most important roles any leader faces. In a post COVID-19 and “Ferguson” world, we think leaders are facing challenges and opportunities like never before. 


Vera Causa Group helps leaders improve the systems in their offices and establishing a culture of high performance and integrity. For law enforcement agencies, conviction integrity is our focus – from arrest to post-conviction. For commercial businesses and government organizations, it’s to ensure policies and procedures are properly in place to

ensure overall integrity.  We focus on processes, organizational structure, human

resource development and performance management systems that ensure leaders have

the tools they need to manage results.


  • Change Management 

  • Rightsizing Organizations 

  • Diversity Planning and Review 

  • Policy and Practice Review 

  • Human Resources Consulting

  • Problem Solving 

  • Diversity Strategic Planning 

  • Performance Management Processes 


Priority Issues Workshopping/Executive Coaching


In today’s volatile world, leaders everywhere are facing unprecedented
challenges and opportunities.  Whether it’s dealing with forces like the COVID-19
pandemic, the modernizing of the criminal justice system, attacks from the media
or managing never-ending personnel and performance issues, these matters can
cause you stress and distract you from keeping your community safe or achieving your business objectives.


That’s why we are launching a new service called Priority Issues Workshopping (PIW) sessions. These sessions are designed to help leaders like you problem solve and turn challenges and problems into opportunities. 


These workshopping sessions are held by phone or video call and are scheduled by the hour.  Our clients use these sessions to focus on particular issues they are dealing with and goals they’d like to achieve.  These confidential workshopping sessions allow clients to engage in creative exchange of information, creative thinking, and problem solving. 

  • Case Studies 


Performance Management 


We believe what gets measured gets done. When a performance management system is done well, there are positive outcomes. With no system in place, feedback between leaders and employees is less frequent or often non-existent. It becomes difficult, if not impossible, to effectively hold people accountable. Organizations need systems that set objectives and define work plans. 


When people have a clear understanding of what is expected of
them to succeed in a professional environment, they are more
willing and more likely to achieve the desired results. Our
experience also tells us that high-performing employees
respond especially well to clear, attainable expectations, and
this is essential to a high-performing organization.  


Additionally, a formal appraisal process provides legal protection
for the organization in cases of demotion or termination. Even
more importantly, employees want feedback on their performance
and need to know how they can improve performance and further
their career.


Vera Causa Group develops custom performance management systems that allow leaders to set clear expectations, discuss professional development needs and career aspirations, provide feedback and manage people’s performance. 

  • Performance Management System Review and Development

  • Goal Setting 

  • Conflict Management and Resolutions 


Strategic Planning 


For an organization to achieve top performance and alignment with a leader’s vision, we believe there needs to be a stated Vision, Values and Goals for people to follow.  VCG works with leaders to help formulate the Vision, Values and Goals for your office.  

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Vera Causa Group has worked with hundreds of leaders to transform cultures, processes, and systems from ideas to action. This work includes training and coaching of managers and staff to help leaders achieve their organizational outcomes.  We help leaders set the right goals and articulate their expectations so people are working together and on the right things.  

  • Newly Elected Prosecutor Training 

  • Leadership/Management

  • Communications

  • Addressing Performance Issues 

  • Sexual Harassment Training

  • Implicit Bias Training 

  • The Challenge of Talking About Race

  • Generational Understanding

  • Managing to Success

  • Conscious and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • Creating a Versatile Workplace 

  • How Successful People Learn 

  • Change Management 


Our Services