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Trial Advocacy Offerings

Trial Work is a critical component of any well-functioning prosecution office. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to get high-quality trial advocacy training for inexperienced lawyers. Many experienced prosecutors have retired in recent years, and the ones who remain are often too overwhelmed with their own caseloads to mentor and train newer attorneys in a hands-on, comprehensive fashion. State and national organizations offer good training, but usually only at limited times per year and it can be challenging to send multiple attorneys away for training due to the demands of overloaded court dockets.


At VCG, we offer trial advocacy training that is both excellent and accessible. Our faculty includes top prosecutors from around the country with decades of courtroom and training experience. And we can provide our training in a way that works for you in terms of time and resources. Whether it is a virtual lecture on jury selection, an intensive hands-on week of advanced training, or anything in between, we are confident we can solve your trial training problems.  

We will customize training to meet your needs. Below are some of our offerings, but we encourage you to contact us for a customized training program.

Lecture-Based Topics include:

  • Pretrial/Investigations

  • Understanding and Using the Grand Jury

  • Analytical Advocacy

  • A Prosecutor’s Ethics and Professionalism

  • Victim Rights

  • Charging

  • File Prep

  • Trial Prep

  • Interviewing Witnesses

  • Preparing the Witness for Trial

  • Common Defenses

  • Planning for Trial Exhibits

  • Discovery

  • Depositions/Witness interviews

  • Planning for Expert Witnesses

  • Pretrial Motions

  • Voir Dire

  • Foundations/Objections

  • Exhibits – Visual Trials

Interactive skills training options:

  • Discovery

  • Pretrial preparation

  • Motions/Written Pleadings

  • Voir Dire

  • Interviewing and Preparing witnesses for trial

  • Direct Exam

  • Opening Statement

  • Handling motions and pretrial oral arguments

  • Meeting Common Defenses

  • Discovery

  • Trial and File Preparation

  • Objections and Foundations

  • Cross Examination

  • Presenting Scientific Evidence –

  • Working with and presenting Expert Testimony 

  • Instructions

  • Closing argument

  • Preserving your record/Protecting your conviction on appeal

Specialty Training

  • Homicide and Violent Crime

  • Drug Prosecution

  • Sex Crimes

  • Child Abuse

  • Complex White-Collar Crime

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