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Vera Causa Group is committed to helping clients reach their maximum potential with hands on trial advocacy training for prosecutors

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Vera Causa Group is committed to helping clients reach their maximum potential by building organizational capacity in the areas of leadership, organizational excellence, communication and top-notch trial advocacy.

In post-engagement surveys, 100% of our clients say they would recommend Vera Causa Group to other business and government leaders. 

“My staff of career prosecutors received years of trial training, but all of us became supervisors with no management training. Susan and Jennifer filled that void by not only providing insightful information on millennials and generation Zers, but by giving us strategies and proven methods of supervising a new generation of prosecutors. The advantage of using Susan and Jennifer is they speak the language of prosecutors. This training has already paid huge dividends in my office.”

— Robert Berlin, DuPage County State’s Attorney

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To be a leader today demands courage, agility and serious grit. It’s indisputable that none of us has ever faced the extraordinary challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on business, government and life in general. Leadership performance over the next year could become a defining moment in how our country will be viewed by history.


Vera Causa Group was founded in 2016 by Susan C. Ryan and Jennifer M. Joyce with the goal of bringing their 45 years of combined experience in leadership, training, coaching, organizational efficiency and communications to organizations across a variety of industries. 

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