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Representative List of Clients

Prosecutors’ Offices 

  • 18th Judicial District, Colorado

  • Kings County District Attorney's Office (Brooklyn DA), NY

  • The Bronx District Attorney's Office, NY

  • San Bernardino District Attorney's Office, CA

  • Shelby County District Attorney General's Office, TN

  • Frederick County State's Attorney's Office, MD 

  • Lookout Mountain District Attorney's Office, TN

  • Scott County Attorney’s Office, IA

  • State's Attorney's Office, Judicial District of Hartford, CT 

  • Amador County District Attorney's Office, CA

  • Baker County District Attorney's Office, OR 

  • Hancock County Prosecutor's Office, IN

  • Madison County Prosecutor's Office, ID 

  • Sixth Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Durango CO

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State and National Prosecutors Agencies, Not for Profits, Associations

  • National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys 

  • National Association of Prosecution Coordinators 

  • National District Attorneys Association

  • Prosecutors' Center for Excellence

  • Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys' Advisory Council

  • California District Attorneys Association

  • Colorado District Attorneys' Council

  • Idaho Prosecuting Attorneys Association

  • Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council

  • Iowa County Attorneys Association 

  • Louisiana District Attorneys Association 

  • Massachusetts District Attorney Association 

  • Minnesota County Attorneys Association 

  • Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

  • New York Prosecutors' Training Institute

  • Oklahoma District Attorneys Council and Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association Joint Elected District Attorney Conference

  • Oregon District Attorneys Association 

  • Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan 

  • South Carolina Solicitors’ Association 

  • Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference

  • Virginia Association of Commonwealth Attorneys

  • West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute

Government Agencies

  • Bureau of Justice Assistance Law Enforcement Forecasting Group

  • California Institute of Technology Leadership Program

  • City of Ladue, MO

  • City of Frontenac, MO

  • Collector of Revenue's Office, City of St. Louis

  • Missouri Bar Association

  • St. Louis County Counselor's Office 

  • St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department 

  • St. Louis Recorder of Deeds

Political Campaigns

  • Bill Corrigan for County Executive

  • Colin Stolle for Commonwealth Attorney 

  • Gregory F.X. Daly for Collector of Revenue

  • James Dellmyer for State’s Attorney

  • Jennifer M. Joyce for Circuit Attorney (four elections) 

  • Nancy Spewak for Mayor

  • School District Bond Campaigns

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