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Leadership Training and Consulting

Vera Causa Group worked with hundreds of leaders across the country to help elevate their organization’s performance from aspiration to achievement. We provide training and consulting services, virtually and in person, for for prosecutors, their associations, and law enforcement agencies. We help leaders set strategic goals and articulate their expectations, so people are working together on the right things for the right reasons. 

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We are known for providing engaging and impactful live and virtual training sessions on a multitude of topics. There is no “one-size-fits-all” leadership training – all instruction is customized to your specific office needs and budget. We take pride in providing lasting value to our clients through proven management solutions. Our training goal is to permanently equip your team with the skills they need to manage the demands of the work they do for your community.

Executive and Management Coaching

Criminal justice leaders are facing a landscape more challenging than ever. The justice system is changing in the wake of new community attitudes, and the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted dockets creating significant backlogs. The media are brimming with misinformation about our work and, as a result, the public often has a skeptical attitude about prosecutors. Sometimes it seems that personnel issues are never ending. All of these matters can easily cause stress and distract you from keeping your community safe or achieving your business objectives. We can help.


Vera Causa Group is focused on building capacity in your office to allow you and your team to manage the important work you do for your community. We’ve seen prosecution leaders often benefit from a knowledgeable and objective partner to help them evaluate and solve problems so they can realize the potential of their organizations.​

We provide executive coaching on an individual or group basis to help brainstorm best practices and solve problems. We utilize these sessions to focus on issues and goals you would like to achieve.

Together we can:  

  • Solve persistent problems

  • Assist with professional development

  • Help better manage interpersonal conflict

  • Improve decision making

  • Develop enhanced management skills

  • We also provide professional assistance with personnel issues on an as- needed basis. 


These executive coaching sessions are typically held by phone and/or video conference. These sessions can be from a few minutes on the phone to address a quick issue or pre-planned to address an ongoing need. VCG will calculate the time on an hourly basis each month. 

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Other Services - Investigations, Assessments and Measurements

It’s hard to fix problems you don’t know about. However, many employees are reluctant to share bad news with the boss for fear of creating disfavor. We have a solution for overcoming the manager’s “cone of silence.” Vera Causa Group conducts organizational assessments that enable leaders to learn more about the opportunities and challenges they face in achieving top performance and organizational alignment.


We are uniquely qualified to conduct these assessments in an expeditious, reliable, objective and efficient manner.

VCG has more than 25 years of experience in human resources and more than 40 years of experience in prosecution. Our company conducts internal assessments on a regular basis for prosecution offices across the country to help uncover problems and determine their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles. We also conduct confidential investigations related to personnel issues, sexual harassment, and other areas that may concern you.


  • Assessments

  • Investigations

  • Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Surveys

  • Benchmarking

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