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The ultimate tool for monitoring media conversations
about you, your office and your community. 


VCG Media Watch

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of news and information about you and your office that you need to keep track of?  Would you like someone else to do it for you? 


If so, you will love VCG's Media Watch, the ultimate tool for monitoring the public conversation. VCG's Media Watch is a powerful and easy-to-use service that lets you access, analyze, and share relevant media content about you and your office from various sources. 

VCG Media Watch

VCG Media Watch is a service that makes it easy and convenient for you to monitor both traditional and social media, as we do all the work for you. We collaborate with a leading media tracking software company, to provide you with access to public conversations involving your office at an affordable price, ensuring you're never caught off guard.


Media Watch allows us to track real-time content across a wide range of online news outlets, authorized print sources, podcasts, and social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We can monitor this content for you in real-time and deliver comprehensive monthly or weekly reports that include links to the actual news broadcasts or print materials. Moreover, as VCG will be closely watching all communications, you will be notified promptly if there's an issue that requires a quick response.

Contact: for more information. 

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